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In this tutorial you will learn how to use and manipulate strings in JavaScript.

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Step 1 - JavaScript string basics

JavaScript string tutorial

The string in JavaScript - similar to other programing languages - is a variable which stores a series of characters. A string can be any text inside a quote pair. You can use simple or double quotes, but of course the pairs must match. The next code example shows how you can define strings in JavaScript:

  1. var str1 = 'Test string 1';
  2. var str2 = "Test string 2";
  3. var str3 = 'It\'s a string';
  4. var str4 = "This is an 'internal' string";
  5. var str5 = 'This is also an "internal" string';

As you can see in case of str3 we used a single quote to define our string content, but the text itself also contains a single quote. In such cases you need to use a backslash character before the single quote to display your text properly.

Concatenating strings  

You can also create a string by concatenating more strings together. This could be very useful if you build up your string within an application logic. To do this you have 2 operators to use. The + and the +=. The example below shows you how to use them.

  1. var str1 = 'This ' + 'is ' + 'a ' + 'demo!';
  2. var str2 = 'Part 1';
  3. str2 += ' and Part 2';
  5. var str3 = 'Mixed ';
  6. str3 += 'mode ' + 'is possible.';

In the next section I will show you how to use the most basic string manipulation functions.

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JavaScript string tutorial - Table of contents
Step 1 - JavaScript string basics
Step 2 - String manipulation with JavaScript
Step 3 - More string manipulation functions

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